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Vintage Elegance

Red lipstick, fur and diamonds…..are the perfect accessory to pair with a white dress. This Rare Opulence Lace and tulle tutu dress isn’t just any old dress. It is gorgeously girly and ballerina inspired. This looks like it belongs on the stage of a Black Swan dance performance.

Not only will you steal the show’s performance in this gown, but with these Kenneth Jay Lane Crystal earrings you are guaranteed to be shining all night.

These Lady Charm-alade Heel in leaf green are powerful yet not overwhelming since the dress is a calm and serene white.


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Black n’ Yellow

When I think about the 50’s I can’t help but think of the classic woman. Fitted gloves, perfectly pin curled hair, a touch of lipstick and winged cat eyes.

Paired with a bit of modern funk accessories of today’s world, the 50’s is the perfect era to steal some finishing touches to complete the perfect GIRLY elegant look.

Vivienne Westwood’s Gold Label Cocotte silk-blend jacquard dress is just the right kind of form fitting dress that would make 50’s style icon Audrey Hepburn proud. This is the kind of dress you would wear to have Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

You know the saying “If you look good, you feel good?” Well let’s just say this dress would make HAPPY hour stand true to its name.

Fake eyelashes are the perfect way to draw attention to your eyes, and Mac’s Bright Lip color is just the right tone to complement the gold. When wearing gold, wearing lipsticks that are dark and matte tend to work well since they don’t draw too much attention. After all, the eyes belong on the gown.

Not only does this look make you feel like a Foxy Fierce Woman, but these Christian Louboutin Splash Fur Slingback’s are actually made with real Fox hair!! These shoes are spunky and bold. They are just the right shades of camel to balance the two tones of gold in the imprinted gown.

For jewelry, try mixing black n’ yellow pieces. Since this gown has a high neckline, we omit any necklaces. Therefore, piling on different sizes of cuffs are a fun way to dress up your arms with bling.

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Casual Edge

Just because you don’t own a Harley Davidson, doesn’t mean you can’t ROCK out in some leather. Even just a few touches here and there can definitively add some edge to your look.

These electric neon Shourouk E. Vegas crystal and sequin earrings are the perfect pop of color to edge out your rockin fit’.

Sam Edelman did nothing but greatness with these black Zoe booties. The Leather and suede combo are the perfect casual edge mix and with a 5 1/2 inch platform, there is no way you will be missed in these gorgeous kicks.

The Row Remsen striped cashmere skirt  in navy and white is a great cashmere skirt that can be worn to the office during the day or dressed up enough to grab some food with friends at the end of the day.

The finishing touch on this outfit is definitively the clutch.

Look out world, this fierce woman is ready for battle. Nobody will mess with you especially when they catch a glimpse of your Christian Louboutin Eden studded leather clutch!!

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DATE NIGHT: revamped!

Have you ever wondered what to wear on a first date? They say you can never go wrong with a “Little Black Dress”. But what about if you want to twist up the  rules yet still look put together, stylin & lady like? Well…..good news. YOU CAN!!

…………….Introducing the Cozy Sexy Gypsy Look!!

The Black Math Maxi by Style Stalker- on its own is already seductive yet conservative. Sheer enough to show just the right amount of skin, yet conservative enough to leave him guessing where the goodies are hiding!!

Buckle on a Matte Gold Heavy Link Belt & some Throne Ankle wedged booties, to instantly accessorize. The gold belt is a great way to break through the color & accentuate your waist line. The booties add a whopping 4.5 inches of height to your frame and  allow you to fully showpiece the maxi. Also, these booties allow you to release your inner gypsy- let yourself be comfortable walking wherever the night takes you!!

If you LOVE vintage pieces, be sure to check out Alexander Mcqueen’s Vintage Mongolian Jacket. They average around 20-50 years old and are the perfect way to dress up that black bombshell of a dress. Plus, haven’t you ever wanted to own a piece of ancient history? Well, now is your chance!

Hard Shell cluthes are super trendy right now! The topaz waxed leather framed clutch by Bottega Veneta is the perfect unit to bring along with you on a sexy night out. Perfect for the essentials- cell phone, wallet & lipgloss. Now go have fun& hit the dating scene. 🙂

Here are a few adorable clutches from the House of Harlow collection.


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It’s that time of year again folks. Whip out your hot cocoa, get out those fluffy socks you have tucked in the back of your dresser- the ones that keep your feet nice and toasty.

Let out a big CHEER because WINTER is here!

With the holidays fast approaching, and party invitations being sent out…..go ahead and be BOLD n’ BEAUTIFUL!!!

Rock some orange Marrakech Flare Pants….throw on a faux fur coat….. douse yourself in sequins. Just kidding about the last one, but wearing a sequined tube top/ blazer can instantly glamorize your outfit& make you look like a star- (pun intended).

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