Black n’ Yellow

When I think about the 50’s I can’t help but think of the classic woman. Fitted gloves, perfectly pin curled hair, a touch of lipstick and winged cat eyes.

Paired with a bit of modern funk accessories of today’s world, the 50’s is the perfect era to steal some finishing touches to complete the perfect GIRLY elegant look.

Vivienne Westwood’s Gold Label Cocotte silk-blend jacquard dress is just the right kind of form fitting dress that would make 50’s style icon Audrey Hepburn proud. This is the kind of dress you would wear to have Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

You know the saying “If you look good, you feel good?” Well let’s just say this dress would make HAPPY hour stand true to its name.

Fake eyelashes are the perfect way to draw attention to your eyes, and Mac’s Bright Lip color is just the right tone to complement the gold. When wearing gold, wearing lipsticks that are dark and matte tend to work well since they don’t draw too much attention. After all, the eyes belong on the gown.

Not only does this look make you feel like a Foxy Fierce Woman, but these Christian Louboutin Splash Fur Slingback’s are actually made with real Fox hair!! These shoes are spunky and bold. They are just the right shades of camel to balance the two tones of gold in the imprinted gown.

For jewelry, try mixing black n’ yellow pieces. Since this gown has a high neckline, we omit any necklaces. Therefore, piling on different sizes of cuffs are a fun way to dress up your arms with bling.


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