Be My Valentine <3

Happy February!! Valentines day is fast approaching, with little under two weeks its about that time of year. If you’re NOT a total girly girl, there is good news for you…folks you DON’T have to walk out head to toe in SHOCKING PINK!!! Unless of course you are trying to dress up as Elle Woods aka Legally Blonde then by all means GO FOR IT! (I must admit I am a bit of a tom boy when it comes to getting ready, the quicker it takes the better I feel… but I don’t like to look like I dressed in the dark.)

This month’s tips: Try incorporating flashes of color here and there to your overall look, whether it be an accent on your hand bag, a strap on your heel, or even the color of sequins on your blouse…try wearing some form of red, pink, coral or even orange this February.

Just like we saw this past January at the Golden Globes, head bands are making their way back in style as statement pieces for that glamorous outfit. Charlize Theron and Michelle Williams definetly had eyes on them with their glitzy beautifully encrusted head pieces from Vintage Cartier and Fred Leighton. The headband shown above in our collage is a beautiful petal headpiece which definetly adds a nice touch to her elegant outfit. We picked a striped Cotton Viscoe Knit skirt by Mirco Giovannini that accentuates her lovely shape. Herve Leger’s bandage dress is so yesterday, this is a nice twist on the famous body hugging garment that so many celebrities were wearing yesteryear.

Pitter, Patter DON’T forget to wear your heart on your sleeve! If you are not romantically involved at the moment buy yourself an Italian lover. Kidding, but really buy yourself an Italian made Forzieri Gold Crystal Jeweled Heart Clutch! It is gorgeous and Swarovski enjeweled clutch that glitters and shines. It is complete with a removable chain that can be used as a shoulder bag as well. Fendi’s fur ankle boots and Barbara Bui Ankle Strap Heel in Pink/Black are my two favorite loves! Barabara Bui mixed just the right shades of pink to complement our outfit. No matter which style you end up wearing, Karl’s Hooded PVC top is the perfect way to complete the look!

If you are on a budget this Spring, no worries these looks can be achieved with just the right eye! HAPPY LOVING! Xoxo Mo


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