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PJs Are Not Just for Catching Zzzz’s!

Have you ever wanted to be “Oh SO CAJ but didn’t know how you could possible do so with out just walking around in your PAJAMAS!!?? Well guess what? Now you CAN …The newest trend sweeping the nation is Flare oversized bottoms.

My favorites this season are the ones with the crazy prints! Think Animal, Floral, Polkadots…Wearing a tighter top will definetly draw the wanted attention to your pants…however, loose oversized tops will also work well making you look oh so hippy-chic. Date night, Casual Friday, Girls Night, Sunday Brunch…take these pants to em all!
Switching gears, last weekends’ Grammys definetly had some beautiful dresses. Paris Hilton wore a gown by Basil Soda. She looked like an elegant aristocrat in that beautiful white dress & the belted accent accentuates her tiny waistline!

Rihanna definetly stole the show!! Her custom tailored Versace gown was one word and one word only: SEXY!!  Pure sexiness. From the low neckline in the front to the sweeping back/ chains she couldn’t have looked hotter. The dress fit like a glove and she looked flawless.


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